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February is Pet Dental Health Month. Dental disease is the most common disease we see in companion animals.  It can be a significant cause of oral pain and discomfort for a lot of pets. Chronic dental disease can lead to other health problems including heart and kidney disease.

In support of Dental Health Month we are offering a Free dental assessment!  During this assessment we will examine Bruno’s teeth to see if any intervention is required. If a dental cleaning is recommended for your pet  by either Dr. Fidler or Dr. Karner and you book the procedure during dental health month we will discount the cost of the procedure by 15% and your pet will receive one free bag of Hill’s T/D (tarter control) diet.


Click here to See How a Dental is done.

Please call our office at (905)735-7410 to set up an oral hygiene consultation appointment or request an appointment on-line.


Staff at the Welland Animal