Fracture Repair

There are 3 different fixation systems for effective immobilization of long bone fractures. They are external skeletal fixation system, bone plate and screw system and interlocking nail system. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages and the appropriate system is based on; the type of fracture; the size, age and temperament of the pet; the degree of trauma and infection, and the surgeon’s preference.

We prefer in most circumstances to use an external skeletal fixation system in which we have received advanced training. The advantages of such a system are:

• closed, or minimally invasive open application technique is possible

• fracture alignment can be adjusted during and after surgery

• fixation rigidity can be changed to suit the physiologic needs of the tissues during healing of the fracture

• the fixation device can be removed without performing major surgery

In some complicated fractures or when trauma to the patient is severe we may recommend a consultation with an orthopedic specialist.