Additional Services

Alternative Therapy


Alternative therapy or non-traditional therapy includes a variety of nutraceuticals (nutrition and pharmaceutical) and botanicals(plant or animal derived substances) in addition to acupuncture and various other hands on therapies. At our hospital we carry a number of nutraceuticals and botanicals which have been shown to be effective in a variety of disease conditions (ex. Degenerative joint disease, chronic diarrhea, liver disease..) This is a complex area in which there are a myriad of products available and limited studies regarding their effectiveness. We are hopeful that continued studies in this area will lead to further understanding of these products. Acupuncture can be a powerful modality in veterinary medicine often in conjunction with other forms of medicine. We do not currently have this service available at our hospital but we may be able to answer questions regarding this modality, its effectiveness and where your pet might receive this treatment.

Health Care Library


Book/Video Library

We have a significant collection of books and videos on a wide variety of pet health and pet care issues including breeds, animal behavior, and selecting the right pet. Please feel free to browse through our selection. Videos can be viewed in our client education room.

Website Library

Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that you are unfamiliar with? Search the Pet Health section of our website for accurate and reliable information on this condition. There are many other sites on the internet offering pet health information. As you browse these other sites, please remember that not all such information is factual and trustworthy.



We provide some grooming services including:
• medicated baths
• nail trims
• dematting where sedation is required



Our in-house pharmacy is well stocked and contains supplies that allow us to immunize and treat your pet. Our veterinarians authorize all prescriptions and can advise you as to possible side effects and drug interactions. Our prices are competitive with human and on-line pharmacies.

Website Library


Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that you are unfamiliar with? Are you interested in learning more about how a particular drug works? Would you like more information or advice on behaviour, nutrition, or administering medications? We are always here to discuss these topics and more, but sometimes you may want to investigate or explore on your own, which is why we provide a collection of pet health information.

Considering the wide availability of information on the Internet, it can be difficult to differentiate between what’s trustworthy and what’s not. The Pet Health section of our website contains accurate and reliable information on a wide variety of topics. Feel free to search through our articles, educational programs, tips, and videos, and contact us with any questions you might have.

Referral Services


Laboratory Service Referrals

We are able to offer a vast array of tests through an accredited laboratory including blood profiles, special chemistries, microbiology, endocrinology, immunology, DNA testing, calculus identification and pathology (biopsy and cytology). We are also able to obtain blood banking products through this service.

Veterinary Specialst Referrals

We are able to offer referrals in most veterinary disciplines with limited travel including surgery, dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, oncology, and neurology

Puppy Training


We advocate that all puppies should receive obedience and manners training. This training can begin as soon as you get your puppy. During your puppy’s first and subsequent visits to the hospital our staff will give you behavioral training advice. We also have a lot of printed material in our clinic or on our website that pertains to obedience and manners training.

Formal obedience classes can begin as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated.

Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment


Several therapies have been used in dogs and cats with cancer, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hyperthermia, cryotherapy, phototherapy and alternative or non-conventional therapies. Although euthanasia is a reasonable alternative to cancer treatment we make every effort to investigate other treatment options. In addition to tumor related factors such as tumor type, biologic behaviour, and clinical staging, several factors influence treatment selection. These factors include patient related factors; owner related factors and treatment related factors.

We have surgical and some chemotherapy modalities available at our clinic. Other modalities are available at referral institutions as are specialists in oncology (cancer treatment).

Chemotherapeutic agents kill cells predominantly in rapidly dividing tissues. They may be given by a variety of routes to the patient including intravenous, intramuscular, oral, intraperitoneal,etc. To exploit the effect of different chemotherapeutic drugs, it is common to combine three or more drugs to treat a given malignancy.

If a cure cannot be obtained, the main goal of treatment is induction of remission (decrease in tumor mass) while achieving a good quality of life. If a good quality of life cannot be maintained, treatment should be modified or discontinued